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Mission & Vision


Harrison Pre K-8 School is committed to providing a common core curriculum aligned with state standards in a caring enriched environment that develops responsible learners to work cooperatively and independently. Literacy and technology will empower our students to develop their ability as life long decision makers in an ever changing world. All members of the community including students, parents, educators, business and community service organizations will work cooperatively to achieve our goals. We will work to provide a strong comprehensive educational program with emphasis on literacy and the integration of technology throughout a curriculum aligned to state standards; maintain a positive atmosphere and organize school activities that promotes responsible, honest students and prepare them for future success; educate students in a manner that promotes self esteem, confidence, responsible and respect; graduate productive citizens who are skilled communicators, problem solvers and critical thinkers.





Our vision for Harrison Elementary School is to provide a safe learning environment for our linguistic and culturally diverse community. All students will have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and become both life long learners and productive members of society. Their self -confidence and critical thinking skills will empower them to achieve their academic goals.